Subscription - SIR

Subscription to the SIR is open to those who are seriously interested and committed to the scientific aspects of rheumatology and to social solidarity with rheumatism sufferers.

The Association is composed of “Ordinary Members”, “Supporting Members” and “Honorary Members”.

Supporting Members are individuals or legal persons, bodies or associations that support the activities of the SIR.

Honorary members are Italian and foreign scholars who have brought significant contributions to the specialty.

For ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP it is necessary to apply to the Secretary of the SIR (Via Turati 40 - 20121 Milano) and to the President of the SIR. The relative forms are downloadable at

The application must be countersigned by two Ordinary Members presenters and will be considered only if accompanied by a curriculum vitae, from which it must be clearly evident that the applicant has a serious commitment to activities in the field of rheumatology.

Applications for admission will be reviewed twice a year by the SIR Board of Directors who will evaluate all the applications received by 31th January and by 30th June.

The proposed admission will be discussed by the Board of Directors, after the members of a commission, consisting of three Board Members delegated by the Board, have expressed their opinion in writing.

Such opinion, although mandatory, is not binding for the Board of Directors. The application will be accepted if voted favourably by at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of the Board Members.

Physicians who submit their application for admission will receive a letter indicating how to make payment of the first subscription fee only upon acceptance.

Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to pay fees in advance.