FIRA – Italian Foundation for Arthritis Research (non-profit)

  • The Italian Foundation for Arthritis Research NPO (FIRA), a non-profit organisation, aims to support, on the basis of the binding opinion of the special medical-scientific commission, research in the field of treatment and of rheumatic diseases in a broad sense.
  • The Foundation supports its research, study and promotional activities in the field cited above, by giving grants, awards and scholarships, promoting fundraising activities for the aforesaid purposes.
  • Promotes agreements with scientific research institutes
  • To donate “5 per mille” to FIRA:
    1) In the tax returns form (CUD, 730 and Modello Unico) sign in the section “donations in support of non-profit organisations of social utility”
    2) In the space below the signature, insert the tax code number of the Italian Foundation for Arthritis Research: 97424570154

Thank you for your support!
For more information, visit the Foundation’s official website: